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  Vol. 6 No. 3 July 2003

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Formal discussion summaries      

Developing a knowledge capture system based on sharable and self documenting learning objects
Moderator and Summarizer: Michael Verhaart

Special issue articles
Guest Editor: Vladimir A. Fomichov

Methods of Designing Computer Technologies Helping to Develop Symbolic Information Processing Skills, Creativity, and Broad Mental Outlook (Guest editorial)
Vladimir A. Fomichov

17-18 HTML PDF

GLOBETROTTER: Words with their travel-bags
G. Turrini, A. Paccosi and L. Cignoni

19-23 HTML PDF

A New Paradigm for Constructing Children-Oriented Web-sites of Art Museums
O. S. Fomichova and V. A. Fomichov

24-29 HTML PDF

HILBERT & PATRIC: Hybrid Intelligent Agent Technology for Teaching Context-Independent Reasoning
P. Bello and S. Bringsjord

30-42 HTML PDF

A WWW Information Seeking Process Model
S. Loeber and A. Cristea

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Full length articles      

Using Computer-Based Virtual Tours to Assist Persons With Disabilities
C. Germann, J. K. Broida and J. M. Broida

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  Using Web Services for Personalised Web-based Learning
K. Kabassi and M. Virvou
61-71 HTML PDF
  Building Academic Skills and Information Competency through Learning Communities
L. Dodge
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Book reviews      

Tutorial Distance Learning: Rebuilding Our Educational System
Reviewer: Mark Nichols
79-79 HTML PDF

E-Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge in the Digital Age
Reviewer: Diane J. Hanson
80-81 HTML PDF

Distance Education and Distributed Learning
Reviewer: Brent Muirhead
82-83 HTML PDF

The Knowledge Medium: Designing Effective Computer Based Learning Environments
Reviewer: Akihiro Kashihara
84-85 HTML PDF

Visualizing Argumentation -Software Tools for Collaborative and Educational Sense-Making
Reviewer: Jin Tan David Yang
86-88 HTML PDF
Website reviews      

Creating an Electronic Portfolio
Reviewer: Peter Paolucci
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