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  Vol. 6 No. 2 April 2003

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Formal discussion summaries      

A theory for eLearning
Moderator and Summarizer: Mark Nichols

Full length articles      

Towards a Pattern Language for Learning Management Systems
Paris Avgeriou, Andreas Papasalouros, Symeon Retalis and Manolis Skordalakis

11-24 HTML PDF
  Uncovering the Provisos behind Flexible Learning
Der-Thanq Chen
25-30 HTML PDF
  An Evaluation Instrument for Hypermedia Courseware
Georgiadou Elissavet and Anastasios A. Economides
31-44 HTML PDF
  Students' attitudes toward the use of the Internet for learning: A study at a university in Malaysia
Kian-Sam Hong, Abang Ahmad Ridzuan and Ming-Koon Kuek
45-49 HTML PDF
  Technology Acceptance and Social Networking in Distance Learning
Jae-Shin Lee, Hichang Cho, Geri Gay, Barry Davidson and Anthony Ingraffea
50-61 HTML PDF
  WebCT and Online Assessment: The best thing since SOAP?
Den Pain and Judy Le Heron
62-71 HTML PDF
Book reviews      

Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators
Reviewer: Donnie Kirk
72-74 HTML PDF
  Education and Artificial Intelligence or Foundations of Modern Didactics of University Education (in Russian)
Reviewer: Alexei Tretiakov
75-76 HTML PDF

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