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  Vol. 4 No. 3 July 2001

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Formal discussion summaries
Distilling a Language for Cyberspace HTML PDF
Moderator and Summarizer: John Laurie

Establishing a community of learners: the use of Information Technology (IT) as an effective learning tool in rural primary or elementary schools HTML PDF
Moderator: Des Wilmore  Summarizer: Leslie Henrickson

CALL: Can a teacher do it alone? HTML PDF
Moderator and Summarizer: Charles Adamson


Special issue articles
Theme: Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning on the Internet
Guest Editor: Muhammad K. Betz

Introduction HTML PDF
Muhammad K. Betz

Sub-theme: Curriculum
Developing self-searched curriculum based on epistemic queries HTML PDF
Parthasarathi Banerjee

Integrating Adaptive Educational Content into Different Courses and Curricula HTML PDF
Charalampos Karagiannidis, Demetrios Sampson and Fabrizio Cardinali

SourceFinder: Course preparation via linguistically targeted web search HTML PDF
Irvin R. Katz and Malcolm I. Bauer

Supporting diverse learners through a website for teaching research methods HTML PDF
Kim G. Lie and V. Cano

Teaching Action Research on the Web HTML PDF
Ian Hughes

Sub-theme: Instruction

Internet Instructional Method: Effects on Studentsí Performance HTML PDF
Norshuhada Shiratuddin

Electronic Pedagogical Practice: The Art and Science of Teaching and Learning On-Line HTML PDF
Julia M. Matuga

Letís Chat: Chat Rooms in the Elementary School HTML PDF
Amy Grigsby

Cost-Effective Multimedia in On-line Teaching HTML PDF
Chris Jesshope

Web Browsing, Mobile Computing and Academic Performance HTML PDF
Michael Grace-Martin and Geri Gay

Sub-theme: Learning

Interactivity Research Studies HTML PDF
Brent Muirhead

Applying Constructivist and Objectivist Learning Theories in the Design of A Web-Based Course: Implications for Practice HTML PDF
Mahnaz Moallem

Exploring Learning in a Technology-Enhanced Environment HTML PDF
Barbara J. Daley, Karen Watkins, Saundra Wall Williams, Bradley Courtenay, Mike Davis and Darryl Dymock

What is needed for effective learning on the Internet? HTML PDF
Alfred Bork


Full length articles
Some national and regional frameworks for integrating information and communication technology into school education HTML PDF
Andrew E. Fluck

Investigating the multiple worlds of teaching through multiloguing HTML PDF
Elizabeth Murphy

Book reviews
Sustaining Distance Training HTML PDF
Reviewer: Albert Ip

The Digital Classroom: How Technology Is Changing The Way We Teach and Learn HTML PDF
Reviewer: Linda Shaw

Internet Technology for Schools HTML PDF
Reviewer: Lyn Henderson

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