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  Vol. 4 No. 2 April 2001

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Formal discussion summaries
Practical Strategies for Teaching Computer-Mediated Classes HTML PDF
Moderator and Summarizer: Brent Muirhead

Ideal features of Web-based role play generator for Schools HTML PDF
Moderator: Albert Ip
  Summarizer: Brent Muirhead


Conference Announcements
ICALT2001 - International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, August 6-8, 2001, Madison, Wisconsin, USA HTML


Special issue articles
Theme: Developing Creativity and Large Mental Outlook in the Computer Age

Introduction HTML PDF
Guest Editor: Vladimir Fomichov

Addizionario: a Pupil's Innovative Tool for Language Learning HTML PDF
Giovanna Turrini, Laura Cignoni, Alessandro Paccosi

Fostering cartoon-style creativity with sensitive agent support in tomorrow's classroom HTML PDF
Bridget Cooper and Paul Brna

A Principal Cognitive Precondition of Successful Child- Computer Interactions in the Information Society HTML PDF
Olga S. Fomichova

ICT to Train Students towards Creative Thinking HTML PDF
M. Allegra, A. Chifari and S. Ottaviano

Towards Melodic Extension Using Genetic Algorithms HTML PDF
Michael Towsey, Andrew Brown, Susan Wright and Joachim Diederich

Integration of External and Internal School Activities: Support from New Technologies HTML PDF
Eugenio Morreale

A Distance Ecological Model for Individual and Collaborative-learning support HTML PDF
Toshio Okamoto and Alexandra Cristea

Creativity, Imagination and the World-Wide Web HTML PDF
Garry Marshall

A Knowledge based Navigation System with a Semantic Map Approach HTML PDF
Mizue Kayama and Toshio Okamoto

Object-oriented Collaborative Course Authoring Environment supported by Concept Mapping in MyEnglishTeacher HTML PDF
Alexandra I. Cristea and Toshio Okamoto

Old and Current Techniques in Secondary School Teaching: The Eratosthene’s Measure HTML PDF
G. Tropiano, L. Caiani, A. Gailhanou, S. Skogvang


Full length articles
A Comparison of Interaction in AV-based and Internet-based Distance Courses HTML PDF
Melodee Landis

Evaluation of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Principles of Economics HTML PDF
Dennis Coates and Brad R. Humphreys

Determining the Impact of Training on Teacher Use for a Web-to-Database System HTML PDF
Steve Garrison, Ray Fenton and Sharon Vaissiere


Book review(s)
Human Cognition and Social Agent Technology HTML PDF
Reviewer: Hong Hong


Software review(s)
Reviewer: Bhavani Sridharan HTML PDF
Response from the producer HTML PDF

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