Educational Technology & Society 4(2) 2001
ISSN 1436-4522

International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT 2001)
(Call For Participation)

6-8 August 2001
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Hosted by
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Sponsored by
IEEE Learning Technology Task Force
IEEE Computer Society (approval pending)
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Supported by
IEEE Learning Technology Standard Committee
Army Reserve Readiness Training Center, Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, USA

Proceedings published by
IEEE Computer Society

Conference Theme
"Advanced Learning Technologies: Issues, Achievements and Challenges"

The rapidly increasing interest in advanced learning technologies provide many challenges to those engaged in research and development. On the one hand the capabilities of digital technologies in providing and contributing to learning environments are opening up new approaches that utilise, for example, multimedia, virtuality and collaborative methods of knowledge management. On the other hand the changing and increasing demands of education in this technological age require practical techniques and applications that benefit a wider range of abilities, learning styles and organisations.

Where should the computer be placed in these developments and what roles should it undertake in learning environments? What theories and representations should underpin research and what are the fruitful directions to follow and exploit? How should the adaptive intelligences of computing systems and teachers/students interact and collaborate? What pedagogies are appropriate and useful to guide applications and what tools and media are required for developers, teachers and students? Also evaluation is an important but often neglected issue, but what methods are appropriate to provide guidance and empowerment to these advances in learning technologies and their implementations?

The conference will focus on where the research in advance learning technology is heading and what are the implementation challenges in the real-world situations.


Important Dates:

6 July 2001: Early bird registration
6-8 August 2001: Conference dates


Call for Exhibits

The conference will provide a unique opportunity for software vendors, courseware developers, and commercial research projects to display products and technological solutions in the different areas of learning technologies. To discuss the options, please contact: Organising Chair: John P. Klus (