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  Vol. 3 No. 4 October 2000

ISSN  1436-4522

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Formal discussion summaries
Enhancing Social Interaction in Computer-Mediated Distance Education HTML PDF
Moderator and Summarizer: Brent Muirhead

Information Technology and schools: the principal’s role HTML PDF
Moderator: Des Wilmore
  Summarizer: Muhammad Betz

Conference Announcements
IWALT2000 - International Workshop on Advanced Learning Technologies, December 4-6, 2000, Palmerston North, New Zealand HTML

ICALT2000 - International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, August 6-8, 2001, Madison, Wisconsin, USA HTML

Special issue articles
Theme: Evaluation of Learning Technology
Guest Editor: Martin Oliver

An introduction to the Evaluation of Learning Technology HTML PDF (zipped) Indonesian Abstract HTML
Martin Oliver

Mapping the Territory: issues in evaluating large-scale learning technology initiatives HTML PDF (zipped) Indonesian Abstract HTML Portuguese Abstract HTML
Charles Anderson, Kate Day, Jeff Haywood, Ray Land and Hamish Macleod

Peering Through a Glass Darkly: Integrative evaluation of an on-line course HTML PDF (zipped)
Josie Taylor, Mark Woodman, Tamara Sumner and Canan Tosunoglu Blake

An evaluation model for supporting higher education lecturers in the integration of new learning technologies HTML PDF (zipped)
Gordon Joyes

A multi-institutional evaluation of Intelligent Tutoring Tools in Numeric Disciplines HTML PDF (zipped)
Kinshuk, Ashok Patel and David Russell

Avoiding holes in holistic evaluation HTML PDF (zipped)
Malcolm Shaw and Suzanne Corazzi

Classroom Conundrums: The Use of a Participant Design Methodology HTML PDF (zipped) Indonesian Abstract HTML Portuguese Abstract HTML
Bridget Cooper and Paul Brna

Evaluating information and communication technologies for learning HTML PDF (zipped) Chinese Abstract PDF
Eileen Scanlon, Ann Jones, Jane Barnard, Julie Thompson and Judith Calder

A Large-scale ‘local’ evaluation of students’ learning experiences using virtual learning environments HTML PDF (zipped) Chinese Abstract PDF
Julie Ann Richardson and Anthony Turner

Towards a New Cost-Aware Evaluation Framework HTML PDF (zipped) Indonesian Abstract HTML Portuguese Abstract HTML
Charlotte Ash

W3LS: Evaluation framework for World Wide Web learning HTML PDF (zipped)
Jan van der Veen, Wim de Boer and Maarten van de Ven

Full length articles
Student Modelling in an Intelligent Tutoring System for the Passive Voice of English Language HTML PDF (zipped) Indonesian Abstract HTML
Maria Virvou, Dimitris Maras and Victoria Tsiriga

The Learning Tutor: A Web based Authoring System to Support Distance Tutoring HTML PDF (zipped)
Maria Chiara Pettenati, Omar Abou Khaled, Christine Vanoirbeek and Dino Giuli

An empirical appraisal of the effectiveness of adaptive interfaces for instructional systems HTML PDF (zipped) Indonesian Abstract HTML Portuguese Abstract HTML
John Eklund and Ken Sinclair

Website reviews
Science Explained HTML PDF
Reviewer: Simon Heppenstall

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