Educational Technology & Society 2(1) 1999
ISSN 1436-4522

The Living Schoolbook (LSB)

(Website review)

Reviewer: Jean DeWitt
Arts and Humanities Department
University of Houston-Downtown
One Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 USA
(On leave, Odense University, Denmark)

1. Site URL:

2. Site title:
  The Living Schoolbook

3. Objective of the site:
  The Living Schoolbook (in its fourth year) is a community of teams of teachers, researchers, media, telecommunications, and hardware specialists working collaboratively to enhance learning using instructional technology to produce "project-based, results-oriented instructional opportunities." The objective of the site is to inform its audience of the current and archived projects designed by the staff of The Living Schoolbook (School of Education, Syracuse University) in cooperation with its external partners (e.g., Utica Zoo, Museum of Science and Technology) and five schools (middle schools and high schools in New York state). These examples serve as successful web-based curriculum projects.

4. Expected audience:
  Curriculum designers, classroom teachers and graduate students. Grant writers may also be interested in the Living Schoolbook project.

5. Main topics covered:
  • History of the LSB
  • LSB staff, community partners and schools
  • Current and archived projects
  • "How to" topics (e.g., Listservs, searching on the web, file transfers and digitizing video)
  • Papers and presentations in conjunction with the LSB project
6. Comments on usefulness and richness of each topic:
  Six of fifteen school projects deal specifically with New York state (e.g., "The Onondaga Lake Habitat Project," "New York Historical Arts," and "Postcards of Central New York). Others touch on gender issues, folklore, media literacy and mathematical models. Examples of archived projects may serve as models for students, teachers and administrators.

7. Extent, appropriateness and quality of external links:
  There are few Internet resource links, but all partners (e.g., Apple Computer, Ask ERIC, NYNEX/Bell Atlantic, Utica Zoo, Burnet Park Zoo), 3 of the 5 participating schools and the LSB staff are linked to the site.