2014, Vol. 17, Issue 3

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Error-Based Simulation for Error-Awareness in Learning Mechanics: An Evaluation

Tomoya Horiguchi, Isao Imai, Takahito Toumoto, Tsukasa Hirashima

Pages 1-13 ABSTRACT Download Article[586 Kb] 1869

Self-Observation Model Employing an Instinctive Interface for Classroom Active Learning

Gwo-Dong Chen, Nurkhamid, Chin-Yeh Wang, Shu-Han Yang, Po-Yao Chao

Pages 14–26 ABSTRACT Download Article[479 Kb] 1514

To See or Not to See: Effects of Online Access to Peer-Generated Questions on Performance

Fu-Yun Yu, Yen-Ting Yang

Pages 27–39 ABSTRACT Download Article[665 Kb] 1659

Experimenting with Automatic Text-to-Diagram Conversion: A Novel Teaching Aid for the Blind People

Anirban Mukherjee, Utpal Garain, Arindam Biswas

Pages 40–53 ABSTRACT Download Article[871 Kb] 1745

A Study about Placement Support Using Semantic Similarity

Marco Kalz, Jan van Bruggen, Bas Giesbers, Wim Waterink, Jannes Eshuis, Rob Koper

Pages 54–64 ABSTRACT Download Article[436 Kb] 1622

The Effects of Game-Based Learning on Mathematical Confidence and Performance: High Ability vs. Low Ability

Oskar Ku, Sherry Y. Chen, Denise H. Wu, Andrew C. C. Lao, Tak-Wai Chan

Pages 65–78 ABSTRACT Download Article[609 Kb] 1697

Developing Spatial Orientation and Spatial Memory with a Treasure Hunting Game

Chien-Heng Lin, Chien-Min Chen, Yu-Chiung Lou

Pages 79–92 ABSTRACT Download Article[830 Kb] 1706

Utilizing a Low-Cost, Laser-Driven Interactive System (LaDIS) to Improve Learning in Developing Rural Regions

Wei-Kai Liou, Chun-Yen Chang

Pages 93–107 ABSTRACT Download Article[911 Kb] 1811

Effects of Communication Competence and Social Network Centralities on Learner Performance

Il–Hyun Jo, Stephanie Kang, Meehyun Yoon

Pages 108–120 ABSTRACT Download Article[385 Kb] 1818

Design, Customization and Implementation of Energy Simulation with 5E Model in Elementary Classroom

Sze Yee Lye, Loo Kang Wee, Yao Chie Kwek, Suriati Abas, Lee Yong Tay

Pages 121–137 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,070 Kb] 1659

Development and Evaluation of Across-Unit Diagnostic Feedback Mechanism for Online Learning

Jian-Wei Lin, Yuan-Cheng Lai, Yu-Chin Szu, Ching-Neng Lai, Yuh-Shy Chuang, Yen-Hung Chen

Pages 138–153 ABSTRACT Download Article[910 Kb] 1654

Knowledge Sharing among University Students Facilitated with a Creative Commons Licensing Mechanism: A Case Study in a Programming Course

Chen-Chung Liu, Chia-Ching Lin, Chun-Yi Chang, Po-Yao Chao

Pages 154–167 ABSTRACT Download Article[676 Kb] 1821

The Role of Community Trust and Altruism in Knowledge Sharing: An Investigation of a Virtual Community of Teacher Professionals

Hsiu-Ling Chen, Hsueh-Liang Fan, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 168–179 ABSTRACT Download Article[558 Kb] 1821

Visualisation in Applied Learning Contexts: A Review

Adrian Twissell

Pages 180-191 ABSTRACT Download Article[357 Kb] 2018

A Model for the Design of Puzzle-based Games Including Virtual and Physical Objects

Javier Melero, Davinia Hernández-Leo

Pages 192–207 ABSTRACT Download Article[884 Kb] 1625

Strategies for Smooth and Effective Cross-Cultural Online Collaborative Learning

Junfeng Yang, Kinshuk, Huiju Yu, Sue-Jen Chen, Ronghuai Huang

Pages 208–221 ABSTRACT Download Article[322 Kb] 1815

Learning to become a teacher in the 21st century: ICT integration in Initial Teacher Education in Chile

Mario Brun, J. Enrique Hinostroza

Pages 222–238 ABSTRACT Download Article[791 Kb] 1810

The Game Embedded CALL System to Facilitate English Vocabulary Acquisition and Pronunciation

Shelley Shwu-Ching Young, Yi-Hsuan Wang

Pages 239–251 ABSTRACT Download Article[779 Kb] 1678

An Integration Architecture of Virtual Campuses with External e-Learning Tools

Antonio Navarro, Juan Cigarrán, Francisco Huertas, Miguel Rodríguez-Artacho, Alberto Cogolludo

Pages 252–266 ABSTRACT Download Article[599 Kb] 1587

The Effects of Student Question-Generation with Online Prompts on Learning

Fu-Yun Yu, Kuan-Jung Pan

Pages 267–279 ABSTRACT Download Article[815 Kb] 1583

The Difference in the Online Medical Information Searching Behaviors of Hospital Patients and Their Relatives versus the General Public

Hung-Yuan Wang, Jyh-Chong Liang, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 280–290 ABSTRACT Download Article[420 Kb] 1636

Digital Game-Based Learning Supports Student Motivation, Cognitive Success, and Performance Outcomes

Jeng-Chung Woo

Pages 291–307 ABSTRACT Download Article[993 Kb] 1734

Scripting For Collaborative Search Computer– Supported Classroom Activities

Renato Verdugo, Leonardo Barros, Daniela Albornoz, Miguel Nussbaum, Angela McFarlane

Pages 308–319 ABSTRACT Download Article[773 Kb] 1586

Effectiveness of an Electronic Performance Support System on Computer Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making Education

Serhat Bahadır Kert, Çiğdem Uz, Zeynep Gecü

Pages 320–331 ABSTRACT Download Article[505 Kb] 1674

Lost in Interaction in IMS Learning Design Runtime Environments

Michael Derntl, Susanne Neumann, Petra Oberhuemer

Pages 332–342 ABSTRACT Download Article[451 Kb] 1715

Practising Arithmetic Using Educational Video Games with an Interpersonal Computer

Vagner Beserra, Miguel Nussbaum, Ricardo Zeni, Werner Rodriguez, Gabriel Wurman

Pages 343–358 ABSTRACT Download Article[956 Kb] 1712
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Book review: Languages for Specific Purposes in the Digital Era (Author: Elena Bárcena & Timothy Read)

Reviewers: Nuria Otero de Juan, Jesús García Laborda

Pages 359–361   Download Article[49 Kb] 1611