2003, Vol. 6, Issue 2

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A theory for eLearning

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Mark Nichols

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Towards a Pattern Language for Learning Management Systems

Paris Avgeriou, Andreas Papasalouros, Symeon Retalis, Manolis Skordalakis

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Uncovering the Provisos behind Flexible Learning

Der-Thanq Chen

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An Evaluation Instrument for Hypermedia Courseware

Georgiadou Elissavet, Anastasios A. Economides

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Students' attitudes toward the use of the Internet for learning: A study at a university in Malaysia

Kian-Sam Hong, Abang Ahmad Ridzuan, Ming-Koon Kuek

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Technology Acceptance and Social Networking in Distance Learning

Jae-Shin Lee, Hichang Cho, Geri Gay, Barry Davidson, Anthony Ingraffea

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WebCT and Online Assessment: The best thing since SOAP?

Den Pain, Judy Le Heron

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Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Facilitating Online Learning: Effective Strategies for Moderators

Reviewer: Donnie Kirk

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Education and Artificial Intelligence or Foundations of Modern Didactics of University Education (in Russian)

Reviewer: Alexei Tretiakov

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