2013, Vol. 16, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Innovative Technologies for the Seamless Integration of Formal and Informal Learning"

Guest Editor(s): Patrizia Ghislandi, Maria Grazia Ierardi, Tommaso Leo and Luca Spalazzi

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Guest Editorial: Innovative Technologies for the Seamless Integration of Formal and Informal Learning

Patrizia Ghislandi, Maria Grazia Ierardi, Tommaso Leo, Luca Spalazzi

Pages 1–3   Download Article[59 Kb] 2231

Social Software and Educational Technology: Informal, Formal and Technical Values

Roberto Pereira, M. Cecília C. Baranauskas, Sergio Roberto P. da Silva

Pages 4–14 ABSTRACT Download Article[141 Kb] 2932

Beyond the School’s Boundaries: PoliCultura, a Large-Scale Digital Storytelling Initiative

Nicoletta Di Blas, Paolo Paolini

Pages 15–27 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,293 Kb] 2051

Investigating the Activities of Children toward a Smart Storytelling Toy

Nuri Kara, Cansu Cigdem Aydin, Kursat Cagiltay

Pages 28–43 ABSTRACT Download Article[990 Kb] 2051

Integrating Traditional Learning and Games on Large Displays: An Experimental Study

Carmelo Ardito, Rosa Lanzilotti, Maria F. Costabile, Giuseppe Desolda

Pages 44–56 ABSTRACT Download Article[407 Kb] 2174

Affectibility in Educational Technologies: A Socio-Technical Perspective for Design

Elaine C. S. Hayashi, M. Cecília C. Baranauskas

Pages 57–68 ABSTRACT Download Article[220 Kb] 2301

Lecture Capture in Engineering Classes: Bridging Gaps and Enhancing Learning

Hasan Al Nashash, Cindy Gunn

Pages 69–78 ABSTRACT Download Article[764 Kb] 1964

Animating Civic Education: Developing a Knowledge Navigation System using Blogging and Topic Map Technology

Tien-Chi Huang, Chia-Chen Chen

Pages 79–92 ABSTRACT Download Article[628 Kb] 5041

Enriching Formal Language Learning with an Informal Social Component

Giuliana Dettori, Simone Torsani

Pages 93–103 ABSTRACT Download Article[402 Kb] 2040

PKS: An Ontology-based Learning Construct for Lifelong Learners

Flavio Manganello, Carla Falsetti, Luca Spalazzi, Tommaso Leo

Pages 104–117 ABSTRACT Download Article[746 Kb] 1928

Proposition and Organization of an Adaptive Learning Domain based on Fusion from the Web

Mohammed Chaoui, Mohamed Tayeb Laskri

Pages 118–132 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,411 Kb] 2389
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Revisit the Effect of Teaching and Learning with Technology

Yuan-Hsuan Lee, Hersh Waxman, Jiun-Yu Wu, Georgette Michko, Grace Lin

Pages 133–146 ABSTRACT Download Article[102 Kb] 2147

Focus on Form in Live Chats

Wen-Chun Chen, Zohreh Eslami

Pages 147–158 ABSTRACT Download Article[201 Kb] 1687

Effect of a Virtual Chemistry Laboratory on Students’ Achievement

Zeynep Tatli, Alipasa Ayas

Pages 159–170 ABSTRACT Download Article[226 Kb] 2010

Understanding Students’ Competition Preference in Multiple-Mice Supported Classroom

Ben Chang, Min-Tun Chuang, Spes Ho

Pages 171–182 ABSTRACT Download Article[735 Kb] 1698

Developing a New Computer Game Attitude Scale for Taiwanese Early Adolescents

Eric Zhi-Feng Liu, Chun-Yi Lee, Jen-Huang Chen

Pages 183–193 ABSTRACT Download Article[112 Kb] 2059

Seamless Connection between Learning and Assessment- Applying Progressive Learning Tasks in Mobile Ecology Inquiry

Pi-Hsia Hung, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Yu-Fen Lin, Tsung-Hsun Wu, I-Hsiang Su

Pages 194–205 ABSTRACT Download Article[483 Kb] 2720

A Maturity Model for Assessing the Use of ICT in School Education

Mauricio Solar, Jorge Sabattin, Victor Parada

Pages 206–218 ABSTRACT Download Article[549 Kb] 2436

Student’s Uncertainty Modeling through a Multimodal Sensor-Based Approach

Imène Jraidi, Claude Frasson

Pages 219–230 ABSTRACT Download Article[686 Kb] 1874

Exploring Factors Affecting Learner’s Perception of Learning Information and Communication Technology: A HLM Analysis of a National Farmers’ Training Program in Taiwan

Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Tzy-Ling Chen, Li-An Chiu, Wei-Chien Lin

Pages 231–242 ABSTRACT Download Article[243 Kb] 1787

Graphical Interaction Analysis Impact on Groups Collaborating through Blogs

Georgios Fessakis, Angelique Dimitracopoulou, Aggelos Palaiodimos

Pages 243–253 ABSTRACT Download Article[510 Kb] 1800

Can Speaking Activities of Residents in a Virtual World Make Difference to Their Self-Expression?

Soojeong Lee

Pages 254–262 ABSTRACT Download Article[164 Kb] 1797

Harnessing Collaborative Annotations on Online Formative Assessments

Jian-Wei Lin, Yuan-Cheng Lai

Pages 263–274 ABSTRACT Download Article[543 Kb] 1943

Effects of Game Design Patterns on Basic Life Support Training Content

Sebastian Kelle, Roland Klemke, Marcus Specht

Pages 275–285 ABSTRACT Download Article[221 Kb] 1798

Interactive Videoconference Supported Teaching in Undergraduate Nursing: A Case Study for ECG

Ufuk Celikkan, Fisun Senuzun, Dilek Sari, Yasar Guneri Sahin

Pages 286–294 ABSTRACT Download Article[194 Kb] 1778

Predicting Adolescent Deviant Behaviors through Data Mining Techniques

Yu-Chin Liu, Yung-Chieh Hsu

Pages 295–308 ABSTRACT Download Article[283 Kb] 1925

Effects of Thinking Style on Design Strategies: Using Bridge Construction Simulation Programs

Chuen-Tsai Sun, Dai-Yi Wang, Yu-Yeh Chang

Pages 309–320 ABSTRACT Download Article[691 Kb] 1796

A Systematic Understanding of Successful Web Searches in Information-based Tasks

Mingming Zhou

Pages 321–331 ABSTRACT Download Article[399 Kb] 1815

Predictive Effects of Online Peer Feedback Types on Performance Quality

Fu-Yun Yu, Chun-Ping Wu

Pages 332–341 ABSTRACT Download Article[248 Kb] 1795

Incorporating Usability Criteria into the Development of Animated Hierarchical Maps

Yu-Cheng Shih, Pei-Ren Huang, Sherry Y. Chen

Pages 342–355 ABSTRACT Download Article[749 Kb] 2010

Using Lean in the Flipped Classroom for At Risk Students

Shannon Flumerfelt, Greg Green

Pages 356–366 ABSTRACT Download Article[226 Kb] 1987

Using E-readers and Internet Resources to Support Comprehension

Sandra Wright, April Fugett, Francine Caputa

Pages 367–379 ABSTRACT Download Article[169 Kb] 2087

Design of Online Report Writing Based on Constructive and Cooperative Learning for a Course on Traditional General Physics Experiments

Hao-Chang Lo

Pages 380–391 ABSTRACT Download Article[490 Kb] 1760

Meeting the “Digital Natives”: Understanding the Acceptance of Technology in Classrooms

Xiaoqing Gu, Yuankun Zhu, Xiaofeng Guo

Pages 392–402 ABSTRACT Download Article[234 Kb] 2259

Effects of Video Caption Modes on English Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Acquisition Using Handheld Devices

Ching-Kun Hsu, Gwo-Jen Hwang, Yu-Tzu Chang, Chih-Kai Chang

Pages 403–414 ABSTRACT Download Article[276 Kb] 2373