2012, Vol. 15, Issue 3

Special Issue on "Learning and Knowledge Analytics"

Guest Editor(s): George Siemens and Dragan Gasevic

Special Issue ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Guest Editorial - Learning and Knowledge Analytics

George Siemens, Dragan Gasevic

Pages 1–2   Download Article[35 Kb] 3330

Social Learning Analytics

Simon Buckingham Shum, Rebecca Ferguson

Pages 3–26 ABSTRACT Download Article[407 Kb] 2674

Integrating Data Mining in Program Evaluation of K-12 Online Education

Jui-Long Hung, Yu-Chang Hsu, Kerry Rice

Pages 27–41 ABSTRACT Download Article[355 Kb] 2279

Translating Learning into Numbers: A Generic Framework for Learning Analytics

Wolfgang Greller, Hendrik Drachsler

Pages 42–57 ABSTRACT Download Article[413 Kb] 2831

Design and Implementation of a Learning Analytics Toolkit for Teachers

Anna Lea Dyckhoff, Dennis Zielke, Mareike Bültmann, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Ulrik Schroeder

Pages 58–76 ABSTRACT Download Article[832 Kb] 2454

Using Data Mining for Predicting Relationships between Online Question Theme and Final Grade

M'hammed Abdous, Wu He, Cherng-Jyh Yen

Pages 77–88 ABSTRACT Download Article[485 Kb] 2611

A Multidimensional Analysis Tool for Visualizing Online Interactions

Minjeong Kim, Eunchul Lee

Pages 89–102 ABSTRACT Download Article[575 Kb] 2023

Teaching Analytics: A Clustering and Triangulation Study of Digital Library User Data

Beijie Xu, Mimi Recker

Pages 103–115 ABSTRACT Download Article[506 Kb] 2202

Analyzing Interactions by an IIS-Map-Based Method in Face-to-Face Collaborative Learning: An Empirical Study

Lanqin Zheng, Kaicheng Yang, Ronghuai Huang

Pages 116–132 ABSTRACT Download Article[583 Kb] 1926

Dataset-Driven Research to Support Learning and Knowledge Analytics

Katrien Verbert, Nikos Manouselis, Hendrik Drachsler, Erik Duval

Pages 133–148 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,387 Kb] 2211

Numbers Are Not Enough. Why e-Learning Analytics Failed to Inform an Institutional Strategic Plan

Leah P. Macfadyen, Shane Dawson

Pages 149–163 ABSTRACT Download Article[378 Kb] 2205
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Investigating the Development of Work-oriented Groups in an e-Learning Environment

Chia-Ping Yu, Feng-Yang Kuo

Pages 164–176 ABSTRACT Download Article[128 Kb] 1911

Alignment of Teacher and Student Perceptions on the Continued use of Business Simulation Games

Yu-Hui Tao, Chieh-Jen Cheng, Szu-Yuan Sun

Pages 177–189 ABSTRACT Download Article[408 Kb] 2040

An Analysis of Students’ Academic Performance When Integrating DVD Technology in Geography Teaching and Learning

C. P. (Christo) Van der Westhuizen, Carisma Nel, Barry W. Richter

Pages 190–201 ABSTRACT Download Article[393 Kb] 2661

Investigating Learner Affective Performance in Web-based Learning by using Entrepreneurship as a Metaphor

Ming-Chou Liu, Ming-Hsiao Chi

Pages 202–213 ABSTRACT Download Article[179 Kb] 2290

A User-Centric Adaptive Learning System for E-Learning 2.0

Shiu-Li Huang, Jung-Hung Shiu

Pages 214–225 ABSTRACT Download Article[322 Kb] 1964

Social Networks-based Adaptive Pairing Strategy for Cooperative Learning

Po-Jen Chuang, Ming-Chao Chiang, Chu-Sing Yang, Chun-Wei Tsai

Pages 226–239 ABSTRACT Download Article[401 Kb] 2243

Exploring the Factors Influencing Learning Effectiveness in Digital Game-based Learning

Fu-Hsing Tsai, Kuang-Chao Yu, Hsien-Sheng Hsiao

Pages 240–250 ABSTRACT Download Article[408 Kb] 2430

The Impact of Adapting Content for Students with Individual Differences

Raymond Flores, Fatih Ari, Fethi A. Inan, Ismahan Arslan-Ari

Pages 251–261 ABSTRACT Download Article[111 Kb] 2060

An Ecological Approach to Learning Dynamics

Peeter Normak, Kai Pata, Mauri Kaipainen

Pages 262–274 ABSTRACT Download Article[302 Kb] 2879

KnowledgePuzzle: A Browsing Tool to Adapt the Web Navigation Process to the Learner’s Mental Model

Iyad AlAgha

Pages 275–287 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,447 Kb] 1921

Digital Competition Game to Improve Programming Skills

Julián Moreno

Pages 288–297 ABSTRACT Download Article[461 Kb] 1923

A Comparison of Demonstration and Tutorials in Photo Editing Instruction

Cenk Akbiyik

Pages 298–309 ABSTRACT Download Article[171 Kb] 1849

Student Engagement in Blended Learning Environments with Lecture-Based and Problem-Based Instructional Approaches

Ömer Delialioğlu

Pages 310–322 ABSTRACT Download Article[429 Kb] 2050
Invited ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Development Patterns of Scientific Communities in Technology Enhanced Learning

Manh Cuong Pham, Michael Derntl, Ralf Klamma

Pages 323–335 ABSTRACT Download Article[560 Kb] 2992
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Flexible Pedagogy, Flexible Practice: Notes from the Trenches of Distance Education

Reviewer: Dermod Madden

Pages 336-337   Download Article[39 Kb] 1993