2011, Vol. 14, Issue 1

Special Issue on "Creative Design: Scaffolding Creative Reasoning and Meaningful Learning"

Guest Editor(s): Chien-Sing Lee, Janet L. Kolodner and Ashok K. Goel

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Guest Editorial - Creative Design: Scaffolding Creative Reasoning and Meaningful Learning

Chien-Sing Lee, Janet L. Kolodner, Ashok K. Goel

Pages 1–2   Download Article[86 Kb] 2814

Scaffolding Students’ Development of Creative Design Skills: A Curriculum Reference Model

Chien-Sing Lee, Janet L. Kolodner

Pages 3–15 ABSTRACT Download Article[172 Kb] 2166

Exploring the Meaningful Learning of Students in Second Life

Tuulikki Keskitalo, Elli Pyykkö, Heli Ruokamo

Pages 16–26 ABSTRACT Download Article[134 Kb] 2120

Redesigning a Web-Conferencing Environment to Scaffold Computing Students’ Creative Design Processes

Matt Bower

Pages 27–42 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,336 Kb] 2463

Using a Wiki to Scaffold Primary-School Students’ Collaborative Writing

Matsuko Woo, Samuel Chu, Andrew Ho, Xuanxi Li

Pages 43–54 ABSTRACT Download Article[639 Kb] 2154

Serious and Playful Inquiry: Epistemological Aspects of Collaborative Creativity

Florence R. Sullivan

Pages 55–65 ABSTRACT Download Article[92 Kb] 1905

Understanding Complex Natural Systems by Articulating Structure-Behavior-Function Models

Swaroop S. Vattam, Ashok K. Goel, Spencer Rugaber, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Rebecca Jordan, Steven Gray, Suparna Sinha

Pages 66-81 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,447 Kb] 1825
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A Web-based Decision Support Tool for Academic Advising

Tony Feghali, Imad Zbib, Sophia Hallal

Pages 82–94 ABSTRACT Download Article[901 Kb] 2227

Cooperative Weblog Learning in Higher Education: Its Facilitating Effects on Social Interaction, Time Lag, and Cognitive Load

Tien-Chi Huang, Yueh-Min Huang, Fu-Yun Yu

Pages 95–106 ABSTRACT Download Article[302 Kb] 2807

Aberrant Learning Achievement Detection Based on Person-fit Statistics in Personalized e-Learning Systems

Ming-Tsung Liu, Pao-Ta Yu

Pages 107–120 ABSTRACT Download Article[795 Kb] 1791

A WordNet-Based Near-Synonyms and Similar-Looking Word Learning System

Koun-Tem Sun, Yueh-Min Huang, Ming-Chi Liu

Pages 121–134 ABSTRACT Download Article[404 Kb] 1851

Enhancing Health and Social Care Placement Learning through Mobile Technology

Susan Lea, Lynne Callaghan

Pages 135–145 ABSTRACT Download Article[91 Kb] 1933

Online Behavior in Virtual Space: An Empirical Study on Helping

Jung-Lung Hsu, Wu-Yuin Hwang, Yueh-Min Huang, Jui-Jung Liu

Pages 146–157 ABSTRACT Download Article[348 Kb] 1918

Computer Games versus Maps before Reading Stories: Priming Readers’ Spatial Situation Models

Glenn Gordon Smith, Dan Majchrzak, Shelley Hayes, Jack Drobisz

Pages 158–168 ABSTRACT Download Article[161 Kb] 1843

Reflections on Cyberspace as the New “Wired World of Education”

Andrew Ward, Brian T. Prosser

Pages 169–178 ABSTRACT Download Article[128 Kb] 1775

Training in Mental Rotation and Spatial Visualization and Its Impact on Orthographic Drawing Performance

Khairulanuar Samsudin, Ahmad Rafi, Abd Samad Hanif

Pages 179–186 ABSTRACT Download Article[129 Kb] 1848

An e-portfolio Design Supporting Ownership, Social Learning, and Ease of Use

Nathan Garrett

Pages 187–202 ABSTRACT Download Article[384 Kb] 1907

Conceptual Model Learning Objects and Design Recommendations for Small Screens

Daniel Churchill

Pages 203–216 ABSTRACT Download Article[975 Kb] 1817

Exploring Adult Digital Literacy Using Learners’ and Educators’ Perceptions and Experiences: The Case of the Second Chance Schools in Greece

Athanassios Jimoyiannis, Maria Gravani

Pages 217–227 ABSTRACT Download Article[95 Kb] 2397

Science Student Teachers and Educational Technology: Experience, Intentions, and Value

Rifat Efe

Pages 228–240 ABSTRACT Download Article[116 Kb] 2181