2010, Vol. 13, Issue 2

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Turning to Turnitin to Fight Plagiarism among University Students

Tshepo Batane

Pages 1–12 ABSTRACT Download Article[90 Kb] 3937

Exploring the Possibility of Using Humanoid Robots as Instructional Tools for Teaching a Second Language in Primary School

Chih-Wei Chang, Jih-Hsien Lee, Po-Yao Chao, Chin-Yeh Wang, Gwo-Dong Chen

Pages 13–24 ABSTRACT Download Article[180 Kb] 2138

Investigating Knowledge Integration in Web-based Thematic Learning Using Concept Mapping Assessment

Ming-Chou Liu, Jhen-Yu Wang

Pages 25–39 ABSTRACT Download Article[266 Kb] 1990

Pattern Discovery for the Design of Face-to-Face Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Activities

Maria Francisca Capponi, Miguel Nussbaum, Guillermo Marshall, Maria Ester Lagos

Pages 40–52 ABSTRACT Download Article[132 Kb] 1803

A Decision-Tree-Oriented Guidance Mechanism for Conducting Nature Science Observation Activities in a Context-Aware Ubiquitous Learning Environment

Gwo-Jen Hwang, Hui-Chun Chu, Ju-Ling Shih, Shu-Hsien Huang, Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 53–64 ABSTRACT Download Article[543 Kb] 1729

Evaluation Framework for Collaborative Educational Virtual Environments

Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos, Konstantinidis Andreas, Andreas Pomportsis

Pages 65–77 ABSTRACT Download Article[276 Kb] 1938

Instructional Method Classifications Lack User Language and Orientation

Susanne Neumann, Rob Koper

Pages 78–89 ABSTRACT Download Article[104 Kb] 1668

An Investigation of Students’ Perceptions of Learning Benefits of Weblogs in an East Asian Context: A Rasch Analysis

Jonathan W.P. Goh, Chin Joo Quek, Ong Kim Lee

Pages 90–101 ABSTRACT Download Article[103 Kb] 2120

Complex Course Generation Adapted to Pedagogical Scenarios and its Evaluation

Carsten Ullrich, Erica Melis

Pages 102–115 ABSTRACT Download Article[318 Kb] 1717

Motivation and Satisfaction in Internet-Supported Learning Environments: A Review

Teklu Abate Bekele

Pages 116–127 ABSTRACT Download Article[103 Kb] 1890

Volunteers in Wikipedia: Why the Community Matters

Hoda Baytiyeh, Jay Pfaffman

Pages 128–140 ABSTRACT Download Article[164 Kb] 1754

Using Mainstream Game to Teach Technology through an Interest Framework

Yu-Liang Ting

Pages 141–152 ABSTRACT Download Article[107 Kb] 1682

An Online Synchronous Test for Professional Interpreters

Nian-Shing Chen, Leong Ko

Pages 153–165 ABSTRACT Download Article[352 Kb] 1705

A Monitoring and Evaluation Scheme for an ICT-Supported Education Program in Schools

Patricio Rodríguez, Miguel Nussbaum, Ximena López, Marcos Sepúlveda

Pages 166–179 ABSTRACT Download Article[608 Kb] 1888

Developing Simulation-based Computer Assisted Learning to Correct Students’ Statistical Misconceptions based on Cognitive Conflict Theory, using “Correlation” as an Example

Tzu-Chien Liu

Pages 180–192 ABSTRACT Download Article[467 Kb] 2085

Customizable Computer-based Interaction Analysis for Coaching and Self-Regulation in Synchronous CSCL Systems

Jacques Lonchamp

Pages 193–205 ABSTRACT Download Article[599 Kb] 1717
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The Education and Training of Learning Technologists: A Competences Approach

Roger Hartley, Kinshuk, Rob Koper, Toshio Okamoto, J. Michael Spector

Pages 206–216   Download Article[119 Kb] 2464
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Simulation and its discontents

Reviewer: Griff Richards

Pages 217-218   Download Article[29 Kb] 2058

Instructional-Design Theories and Models, Volume III: Building a Common Knowledge Base

Reviewer: Cindy Ives

Pages 219-221   Download Article[42 Kb] 3766

Multimedia Technologies

Reviewer: Steve Leung

Pages 222-224   Download Article[73 Kb] 2533