2006, Vol. 9, Issue 2

Special Issue on "Interoperability of Educational Systems"

Guest Editor(s): Daniel Olmedilla, Nobuo Saito and Bernd Simon

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Interoperability of Educational Systems - Editorial of Special Issue

Daniel Olmedilla, Nobuo Saito, Bernd Simon

Pages 1-3   Download Article[128 Kb] 4122

Interoperability in Personalized Adaptive Learning

Lora Aroyo, Peter Dolog, Geert-Jan Houben, Milos Kravcik, Ambjörn Naeve, Mikael Nilsson, Fridolin Wild

Pages 4-18 ABSTRACT Download Article[406 Kb] 6509

Providing Author-Defined State Data Storage to Learning Objects

Ayalew Kassahun, Adrie Beulens, Rob Hartog

Pages 19-32 ABSTRACT Download Article[805 Kb] 4484

Supporting Interoperability and Reusability of Learning Objects: The Virtual Campus Approach

Elisabetta Di Nitto, Luca Mainetti, Mattia Monga, Licia Sbattella, Roberto Tedesco

Pages 33-50 ABSTRACT Download Article[1,311 Kb] 4953

Spinning Interoperable Applications for Teaching & Learning using the Simple Query Interface

Frans van Assche, Erik Duval, David Massart, Daniel Olmedilla, Bernd Simon, Stefan Sobernig, Stefaan Ternier, Fridolin Wild

Pages 51-67 ABSTRACT Download Article[391 Kb] 4802
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The Tablet PC For Faculty: A Pilot Project

Rob R. Weitz, Bert Wachsmuth, Danielle Mirliss

Pages 68-83 ABSTRACT Download Article[268 Kb] 8003

Teachers’ Collaborative Task Authoring to Help Students Learn a Science Unit

Yavuz Akpinar, Volkan Bal

Pages 84-95 ABSTRACT Download Article[708 Kb] 4504

Teaching ICT to Teacher Candidates Using PBL: A Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation

Sevinc Gülsecen, Arif Kubat

Pages 96-106 ABSTRACT Download Article[257 Kb] 6096

Recency Effect on Problem Solving in Interactive Multimedia Learning

Robert Zheng, Bei Zhou

Pages 107-118 ABSTRACT Download Article[367 Kb] 7306

Can a Hypermedia Cooperative e-Learning Environment Stimulate Constructive Collaboration?

Mary Victoria Pragnell, Teresa Roselli, Veronica Rossano

Pages 119-132 ABSTRACT Download Article[499 Kb] 5994

Web-based Learning in a Geometry Course

Hsungrow Chan, Pengheng Tsai, Tien-Yu Huang

Pages 133-140 ABSTRACT Download Article[390 Kb] 5358

Logistic Regression Modeling for Predicting Task-Related ICT Use in Teaching

Petek Askar, Yasemin Kocak Usluel, Filiz Kuskaya Mumcu

Pages 141-151 ABSTRACT Download Article[249 Kb] 5158

The Relationship between Educational Ideologies and Technology Acceptance in Pre-service Teachers

Ercan Kiraz, Devrim Ozdemir

Pages 152-165 ABSTRACT Download Article[267 Kb] 6956

A Web-Based Synchronous Collaborative Review Tool: A Case Study of an On-line Graduate Course

Fatma Cemile Serce, Soner Yildirim

Pages 166-177 ABSTRACT Download Article[515 Kb] 5467

An empirical assessment of pedagogical usability criteria for digital learning material with elementary school students

Petri Nokelainen

Pages 178-197 ABSTRACT Download Article[281 Kb] 5573

A framework and a methodology for developing authentic constructivist e-Learning environments

Imran A. Zualkernan

Pages 198-212 ABSTRACT Download Article[549 Kb] 6478

Technology Adoption of Medical Faculty in Teaching: Differentiating Factors in Adopter Categories

Nese Zayim, Soner Yildirim, Osman Saka

Pages 213-222 ABSTRACT Download Article[313 Kb] 4802

Inducing Fuzzy Models for Student Classification

Ossi Nykänen

Pages 223-234 ABSTRACT Download Article[273 Kb] 4693
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Using Technology in Teaching

Reviewer: Jarkko Suhonen

Pages 235-237   Download Article[133 Kb] 5584

Unlock the genius within; neurobiological trauma, teaching, and transformative learning

Reviewer: Richard Malinski

Pages 238-240   Download Article[142 Kb] 4218