2005, Vol. 8, Issue 2

Formal Discussion SummariesTimes Downloaded:

Transitional Developments in Online Courses and Programs: Theory and Practice

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Brent Muirhead and Muhammad Betz

Pages 1-6   Download Article[182 Kb] 3746

Implementing an Innovation Cluster in Educational Settings In Order to Develop Constructivist-Based Learning Environments

Moderator(s) and Summarizer(s): Donna Russell and Art Schneiderheinze

Pages 7-15   Download Article[249 Kb] 4683
Full Length ArticlesTimes Downloaded:

Using discussion webs to Develop an Academic Community of Learner

Eugene Matusov, Renee Hayes, Mary Jane Pluta

Pages 16-39 ABSTRACT Download Article[540 Kb] 9441

Effects of the Cognitive Level of Thought on Learning Complex Material

Eshaa M. Alkhalifa

Pages 40-53 ABSTRACT Download Article[230 Kb] 4300

Combining Software Games with Education: Evaluation of its Educational Effectiveness

Maria Virvou, George Katsionis, Konstantinos Manos

Pages 54-65 ABSTRACT Download Article[310 Kb] 12364

Towards A Web-Based Handbook of Generic, Process-Oriented Learning Designs

Olivera Marjanovic

Pages 66-82 ABSTRACT Download Article[309 Kb] 4947

Authentic Teaching as the Context for Language Learning

Ana Deumert, Christine Spratt

Pages 83-93 ABSTRACT Download Article[216 Kb] 4541

ICT-Pedagogy Integration in Teacher Training: Application Cases Worldwide

Insung Jung

Pages 94-101 ABSTRACT Download Article[196 Kb] 5416

Teachersí Perceptions on the Roles on Educational Technology

Raymond A. Zepp

Pages 102-106 ABSTRACT Download Article[139 Kb] 4710

Hypermedia as a Cognitive Tool: Student Teachersí Experiences in Learning by Doing

Zahide Yildirim

Pages 107-117 ABSTRACT Download Article[366 Kb] 6579

Designing an open component for the Web-based learning content model

Xin-hua Zhu

Pages 118-124 ABSTRACT Download Article[265 Kb] 4224

A Comparison of Teacher and Student Attitudes Concerning Use and Effectiveness of Web-based Course Management Software

Gary H. Jones, Beth H. Jones

Pages 125-135 ABSTRACT Download Article[217 Kb] 4350

Web-based Cognitive Apprenticeship Model for Improving Pre-service Teachersí Performances and Attitudes towards Instructional Planning: Design and Field Experiment

Tzu-Chien Liu

Pages 136-149 ABSTRACT Download Article[254 Kb] 5825

Instructional Uses of Instant Messaging (IM) During Classroom Lectures

Mable B. Kinzie, Stephen D. Whitaker, Mark J. Hofer

Pages 150-160 ABSTRACT Download Article[194 Kb] 4761

Understanding Teacher Mindsets: IT and Change in Hong Kong Schools

Robert Fox, James Henri

Pages 161-169 ABSTRACT Download Article[212 Kb] 3979

The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Instruction in Teaching Introductory Statistics

Ramazan Basturk

Pages 170-178 ABSTRACT Download Article[206 Kb] 13257

Student Alienation, Academic Achievement, and WebCT Use

Genevieve Marie Johnson

Pages 179-189 ABSTRACT Download Article[233 Kb] 4493

Acquisition of simple and complex knowledge; a knowledge gap perspective

Judy Le Heron, Frank Sligo

Pages 190-202 ABSTRACT Download Article[234 Kb] 4131

Preferences toward Internet-based Learning Environments: High School Studentsí Perspectives for Science Learning

Chin-Chung Tsai

Pages 203-213 ABSTRACT Download Article[191 Kb] 6174

Web-based Interactive Writing Environment: Development and Evaluation

Jie Chi Yang, Hwa Wei Ko, I Ling Chung

Pages 214-229 ABSTRACT Download Article[439 Kb] 6400
Software ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Time Engineers Software

Reviewer: Michael Verhaart

Pages 230-236   Download Article[881 Kb] 3513
Book ReviewsTimes Downloaded:

Understanding Designers Designing for Understanding

Reviewer: Taiyu Lin

Pages 237-237   Download Article[103 Kb] 3027